About AO

The ink and paper behind Ao’s travel stories it’s me, Azeta. I am half journalist, half writer, half teacher and permanent student from Figueres – Barcelona (without a permanent place right now). I love dancing and traveling as much as I love writing and storytelling. So I cannot pick up one profession and leave at one side my other beloved hobbies. I am quite a disaster. I forget things, I do not remember names of places or even people’s names, I cannot organize or plan… but I am lucky to have always with me my notebook and my good intuition to find signs to follow in the way.

I am a vegan foodie and that can be a handicap when traveling. But I’ll encourage you throughout my writings to discover that in every country there is a traditional dish that can satisfy vegan and gluten free gourmets.


In the other hand there is Albert, he is the one who bites me with contagious ideas. His head is always full of adventure that fascitanes and inspires me. So we end having this marvelous but crazy experiences along the way. He is the one who can plan, organize and gather all the gear and information we need for our getaways. So it is basically because of him that I can write the stories you will find here. He loves maps, mountains and history.


Together we are AO, two journey-camaradas who enjoy the same things but in a very different way. This blog is born from the necessity to share and bring together the stories we discover in our travels.